I am passionate about helping Business Owners and Hiring Managers improve their Hiring.


Recruiting is a very process-driven activity.  A solid Recruiting Process will allow you to make decisions based on evidence, not just emotion.  Having a quality and consistent process can make the task of Hiring more efficient, effective, and less stressful.  You might even enjoy it!


To that end, I have created an upcoming e-course called Intro2Hiring, which opens in Summer 2017.  This course gives business owners and hiring managers of all kinds (not just in Manufacturing and Engineering) a solid foundation to understand how to create a great Hiring process that produces results!  You can learn more at intro2hiring.com.


Follow my blog, leahrecruits.com for insights on hiring, tips to improve your interviewing, and products and services to find the Right Person, for the Right Job, at the Right Time.


In addition, you can download my free eBook, "Five Reasons You are Struggling to Fill Your Engineering Jobs" and learn more about specific ways to improve your hiring for your Engineering teams.


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